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Turnaround Practitioners

Meeting your funding needs in distressed situations, post-merger integration, and high growth scenarios

Certainty of funding and speed of decision-making is critical to reducing the anxiety often associated with turnaround situations.

Our asset based lending solutions enable you to offer added value solutions to boards that they may not have known about. It helps to provide directors with immediate comfort that they have considered all options and are acting responsibly.

Having ABL as part of your toolkit when reviewing strategy, business operations and finances, helps you bring recommendations quickly and with certainty, often in days where cash is running out.

We enable you to work at pace and with certainty to maximise the chances of success

ABL can be useful for:

  • Retrenchment – Where short-term actions are needed to reduce financial losses, we’ll help you utilise and maximise company resources to minimise and reduce losses. Ultimately with the intention to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Repositioning – As a funding solution to support innovation, develop new products, enter new markets, and generate revenue
  • Renewal – As part of the renewal plan going forward for corrective action and recovery, or funding innovation and growth when a new strategy has been determined

With you whatever the length of assignment…and beyond

Adding asset based lending to private equity, insolvency practitioners, and legal gives you access to the full range of services you may need in a typical turnaround process. In addition, where a company is so distressed that it will never recover, we support pre-pack and phoenix situations that may allow creditors to recover their monies.

  • What our clients say

    Our partnership with IGF didn’t stop when the funding came through. They went on and introduced us to their contacts in other industries. Through them, we found a credit insurance company, a packing company and a refrigerated transport company, all of whom we’re now working with.

    Fran Waytt, Managing Director

We work with a wide range of advisors on a variety of transactions: corporate financiers, private equity houses, national & regional accountants, turnaround practitioners, and more.

Contact us or a team member direct to find out how we can help your client achieve their ambitions.