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So, you want to know:

How much funding can I get?

How long will it take IGF to make a decision?

How long will it take to get the funding to my client?

Will IGF do what they say they’ll do?

In short, you’re looking for certainty, maximum liquidity, while minimising the execution risk.


Maximising value to your clients through speed of decision-making, flexibility, certainty of funding

Our solutions are scalable and work well in M&A and MBO/MBI scenarios. For companies targeting rapid growth, are subject to seasonality, require higher levels of working capital, are executing a turnaround, are in cyclical or lower margin industries, we provide an ideal funding source.

Funding decisions are based on a deep understanding of a business’s short-term goals, long-term ambitions, quality of management team etc., rather than just relying on historic financial performance.

Corporate Financiers

Maximising opportunities for mid-market companies

Our asset based lending solutions allow corporate financiers to maximise shareholder value. We provide longer term finance for larger capital structuring and investment decisions, and shorter-term finance against current assets to ensure enough liquidity to carry out continuing operations.

We provide close relationship management with corporate financiers and their clients, giving primary importance to good communication, speed of decision-making and flexibility to enable you to maximise the value of a client business.

Private Equity

Long-term flexible facilities that maximise liquidity and support the growth of your portfolio companies

As a private equity owned asset based lender, we understand that the flexibility of our funding gives you the ability to manage portfolio companies going forward without having to go back to the bank for approvals.

We’re seeing asset based lending used more and more as part of the private equity funding mix in deal structures when the target company has significant tangible assets. In these circumstances, ABL can be combined with a cash flow strip to deliver a higher level of funding.

Turnaround Practitioners & Restructuring specialists

Meeting your funding needs in distressed situations, post-merger integration, and high growth scenarios

Certainty of funding and speed of decision-making is critical to reducing the anxiety often associated with turnaround situations.

Our asset based lending solutions enable you to offer added value solutions to boards that they may not have known about. It helps to provide directors with immediate comfort that they have considered all options and are acting responsibly.

Having ABL as part of your toolkit when reviewing strategy, business operations and finances, helps you bring recommendations quickly and with certainty, often in days where cash is running out.

We enable you to work at pace and with certainty to maximise the chances of success

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