Funding Solutions

Our range of flexible business finance solutions includes Asset Based Lending, Invoice Discounting and Factoring along with Bad Debt Protection.


Founded on expertise. IGF is a leading independent commercial finance provider with a national presence.

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Funding Solutions


Find out how we can help you cope with your working capital shortages by releasing the capital stored in your assets.

At IGF, we understand that wholesale and distribution businesses need to cope with the working capital shortages that arise from high fixed overheads, tight margins and seasonal peaks in demand.

Your business might also face the challenges of:

  • large customers not paying their invoices on time
  • suppliers continually pressing you for payment
  • lacking sufficient cash to buy in bulk and secure better discounts from your suppliers
  • customers requiring longer credit in return for larger orders
  • your cash being tied up in inventory, rather than working for your business.

Releasing capital stored in your assets

At IGF, we help wholesale and distribution companies accelerate their cash flow dramatically. A Factoring, Invoice Discounting or Asset Based Lending facility can provide your business with a constant supply of working capital.

Contact IGF for help stocking up on the cash your business needs to thrive.