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Corporate Financiers

Maximising opportunities for ambitious mid-market companies

IGFs asset based lending solutions allow corporate financiers to maximise shareholder value. We provide longer term finance for larger capital structuring and investment decisions, and shorter-term finance against current assets to ensure enough liquidity to carry out continuing operations.

Funding decisions are based on a deep understanding of a business’s short-term goals, long-term ambitions, quality of management team, etc., rather than just relying on historic financial performance.

Our solutions offer a compelling financing option, ideally suited to mid-market companies with ambitious growth plans seeking to maximise the value of their assets. Asset based lending provides a more flexible, competitive and scalable alternative to traditional bank loans or overdrafts.

We work across a wide range of sectors; manufacturing, wholesale, business services, trades & construction, oil & gas, food & drink, and care.

Why work with IGF;

  • Our ABL solutions are ideally suited for growth and scale, mergers and acquisitions, management buy-out, buy-in or similar of companies, divisions or subsidiaries
  • You can raise capital via assets for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses
  • We leverage available assets to maximise growth opportunities and deliver a less aggressive debt focused capital structure to reduce stakeholder risk
  • We provide early commitment to a transaction, simplicity and flexibility, ease of execution, and a high degree of certainty to close
  • We can deliver a higher level of leverage through a revolver against current assets, namely receivables and stock, alongside a term loan against fixed assets
  • ABL allows corporate financiers to maximize the debt capacity of the borrower
  • Our ability to define opening availability and collateral headroom at an early stage in the deal provides good visibility to map out the pro forma capital structure
  • ABL provides access to liquidity as an alternative to conventional financial mechanisms, such as bank loans or overdrafts
  • If a company’s performance does deteriorate, asset based lending gives you the flexibility to execute a turnaround or restructure
  • When the time comes, we’ll help you effect an efficient exit as ABL works well in trade sale, secondary buyout, and leveraged recapitalisation scenarios

Partner with an ambitious independent lender that grows with you

We provide close relationship management with corporate financiers and their clients. We give primary importance to good communication, speed of decision-making and flexibility to enable you to maximise the value of a client business.

  • What our clients say

    Initially, we went to a high street bank, but ultimately we needed a more flexible facility to see us through this next chapter. Every day has been different and sprung on new challenges since the start of lockdown. The facility had to be put in place quickly to allow for a 6-month window starting in August and then ramping up to our peak trading in October and November. Not only did this funding give the business a safeguard, it also ensured we could keep our team employed ahead of a recession.”

    Sue Hurst, Managing Director

We work with a wide range of advisors on a variety of transactions: corporate financiers, private equity houses, national & regional accountants, turnaround practitioners, and more.

Contact us or a team member direct to find out how we can help your client achieve their ambitions.