Community Support

Charitable Giving

Independent Growth Finance is dedicated to being a proactive and productive member of its community. 

Here at IGF, we are dedicated to helping the charities that matter most to our employees. Our donations continue to increase year on year thanks to our fundraising efforts and matched giving schemes to our employees’ favourite charities. We continue to seek out new ways to give as a group and to help employees who give their valuable time and money to causes close to them.

Our staff charities

We know that charity awareness and support are important to our employees, and we want them to feel supported when they give to charity, so we asked them who our group charity partners should be. This year, we have two charity partners – Redhill Food Bank and Age Concern.

We have continued to build on our roster of fundraising and giving activities through a combination of group-wide initiatives and locally organised events.


In addition to supporting our two main charity partners, IGF made a significant contribution to the Ukraine crisis via UNHCR: Partnered with UNICEF working specifically with refugees 

UNHCR is urgently upscaling relief operations across Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to support fleeing civilians. Urgent needs include shelter, relief items such as blankets, and specialist protection – all rely on voluntary donations.

Our Communities

By allowing our activity to be staff led, it means that our CSR activities are more closely aligned with our purpose and values as a business. Meanwhile, our collective efforts yield significant and meaningful benefits to the communities in which we operate, allowing us to engage in otherwise overlooked causes and grassroots projects.

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