IGF and The ABFA Code of Conduct

As a member of UK Finance, IGF Group adheres to the Asset Based Finance Standards Framework that sets rigorous and exemplary professional standards.

The Asset Based Finance Standards Framework lays down six commitments, designed to ensure that members treat their clients and their guarantors fairly and responsibly and to operate with integrity at all times.

To achieve these standards UK Finance has established six key commitments which require that:

  1. UK Finance Members shall abide by this Framework and all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. UK Finance Members shall act with integrity and deal fairly and responsibly with clients and guarantors.
  3. UK Finance Members shall provide clients and guarantors with all appropriate information in a timely and transparent manner.
  4. UK Finance Members shall ensure that legal documentation issued by them is clearly and unambiguously written.
  5. UK Finance Members shall provide effective and timely client services in accordance with their legal agreements.
  6. UK Finance Members shall operate their own appropriate complaints procedures and UK Finance may from time to time request details of such procedures and anonymised data as to their outcomes.

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