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FDs need to be strategists, as well as accountants

The changing demands of the financial director mirror the changing atmosphere in today's business world. Today, the horizontal 'silos' which make up departments are being bridged to allow more co-operation. FDs are a big part of this. Terry Hopper, financial controller

Six essential life hacks for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Entrepreneurs reveal six quick fixes to help us all work smarter Kitty Dann Guardian Professional Every business owner wants to save time, but sometimes the process of figuring out how to achieve this seems too time-consuming itself to produce results. But getting

A-level results: Before you smile at that jump-for-joy snap…

Uni-ditching teens are COMING FOR YOUR JOBS Traditionally, newspapers illustrate A-Level results day with pictures of attractive teens in mid-air. But soon it could be lank-haired, bespectacled nerds that are performing the vault of victory following news that students are flocking

The skills gap is the fault of businesses

Most business owners by now will have had a keen sense of why the skills shortage is a disturbing reality: having only skilled workers creates a bottleneck of competitive, pricey candidates. And the unemployment issue is disproportionately affecting the young who

IGF unveils financial glossary for SMEs

IGF Invoice Finance has published a glossary of terms designed to cut through the jargon of the invoice finance industry. The glossary is a practical guide for small and medium sized business owners to help them make sense of the

A view from the mail room

One of the maxims that I buy into is "always treat others as you wish to be treated", and it works in business just as well as in our private lives. The basis behind this ideal is that all members
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